Who we are

Our company P&D Custom Prints started as a home buisness, i’ve always had a passion for creativity and making people happy. I started making items for friends and family they were amazed and happy by the skill and precision i had in making these personalized products.

I started catching the publics attention and i took my passionaite hobby into career and i was amazed at the amount of sales i made, i went from making all products by hand to using A grade machines that cost £1.000’s.

We started selling in the UK, in south wales years ago as a local buisness venture, i made profit but also made a living making items that were personal to my customer, which is our purpose to give you the best of the best.

We use the best materials and sources money can buy, here at our website you the customer choose any design you desire, using our one of a kind customising system when you click on our items.

Use an array of colours, your very own images and photo’s you wish to upload, the possibilities are endless, the style of the item is in your hands, design the perfect gift and we will make and deliver your item.

We guarantee to match your expectations, we at Gift Worth Giving welcome you to our website, hope you enjoy all we have to offer you.

Meet our team